1750 Clyde Park Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509
1750 Clyde Park Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509
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September 17th here we come!!! The Story of Starting Something New

A week from now on September 17th at 10am we’ll open our doors for the very first time to the general public.  If I’m honest, while I am so excited, I am also terrified!  Truly and for real, abject terror!!   I can’t really put a finger on exactly why I feel this way, but it is terror none the less. 

We started this dream project nearly 4 months ago and I thought I was scared then but what I feel now is so much more intense.  Is it the realization that your “baby” must now spread its wings and fly?  What if it can’t?  What if it flies for a short period of time and then doesn’t have what it takes to truly be on its own?  What if nobody likes it?  What if it doesn’t fit in?  What if it doesn’t stand out?  These are the questions that I find myself asking and nothing but time and hard work will answer any of them.

So why am I writing this?  Two reasons.  One – I want to be able to look back on this time and really remember what I was thinking as I launched Elevated Grand Rapids.  Two – I want others to know that starting anything new is scary as hell, Never easy & inevitably going to be so much harder than you ever imagined.  Don’t let fear of failure keep you from living your dreams!! 

When you visit Elevated for the first time I want you to know that what you’re experiencing is the culmination of an insane amount of hard work by an amazing team of  magnificent humans working side by side for zero compensation to make one big dream a beautiful reality.

Elevated Grand Rapids is a different kind of marketplace.  Come check out our heart and stay for the Real. Good. Stuff.

September 17th here we come!!!

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