1750 Clyde Park Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509
1750 Clyde Park Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49509
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Real. Late. Musings.

Elevated Grand Rapids is now officially open, and it is truly beyond what I dreamed it would be!!  I could talk about how this beautiful, old building exceeded my expectations in every way and it most certainly did.  However, the most amazing parts of this journey to date have been the exceptional humans that gave me the capacity to tackle this unique venture.  Whether it was an hour of time spent tearing out a wall, the sacrifice of a favorite pair of jeans to a gallon of paint, a dropped off, homemade meal delivered at the perfect moment, a friendly voice of encouragement when the task seemed unsurmountable, the unconditional support from two of the best amigos a girl could ask for, a note written in sharpie on a moving box, countless “projects” completed by a man with the biggest heart I am honored to know or the unconditional and non-stop support from my husband, the message was the same….LOVE LIVES HERE.

Of all the things that I can tell you about Elevated Grand Rapids, what I most want my customers to know is that the love that was given along the way is still here and waiting to be shared.

Don’t miss a moment……..there’s so much more to come.

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